The Instantly Hunting Judging - Things I Should Have Said

Have some fun

It is so much fun to be traveling and to see the world. And I have always loved traveling, that is something that I have been saving my money for. And I still love it, but i also love to see my own country a bit more. There are so many beautiful things that you can do in your own city. Usually the turist have seen more then one self has. Because it is easy to thing that I will do that later, I will go and do that some day. But usually that day never comes, so one thing that one can do is to to a kind of a bucket list to do in your own town.
It could be to take one of stockholm boat tours, that are so beautiful but is something most people who live in Stockholm haven't done, but alla the tourist that has come have done. So that is one thing to put on the list.

Don't have to cost much

Thats the good thing, that it doesn't have to cost much to do fun stuff. It is easy to thing that it has to cost much but it doesn't have to. Very easy and fun to do and something to do with the family or with friends. So try to do that once in a while and you will see how beautiful your own city is. And its good to know for when you have friends over from other countries, so that you can show them around and pick out the best spots for them when they are coming over to visit.
That is something that I try to do and that I would like to do and try so that I have done the things that I can in my own city, thats my goal.